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International Journal of Bioscience and Biochemistry

Vol. 4, Issue 1, Part A (2022)

Structure of fruits and seeds in ANA-grade angiosperms


Catalina Iannone and Olga Bezhanova


This study delves into the morphological and anatomical structures of fruits and seeds within ANA-grade angiosperms (Amborellales, Nymphaea les, and Austrobaileyales), highlighting their evolutionary significance and ecological roles. Through comparative analysis with other angiosperm lineages, this research elucidates the primitive and derived features of ANA-grade angiosperms, offering perspectives on angiosperm evolution and diversification. The findings underscore the phylogenetic importance of fruit and seed characteristics in understanding the early evolutionary history of flowering plants.

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Catalina Iannone and Olga Bezhanova. Structure of fruits and seeds in ANA-grade angiosperms. Int. J. Biosci. Biochem. 2022;4(1):41-43. DOI: 10.33545/26646536.2022.v4.i1a.60
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